Rain Maiden Figure



Alan has produced award-winning pottery since his work was first judged, at Santa Fe Indian Market, over ten years ago.

A former student at the Institute for American Indian Arts, he beautifully combines his love of art and fashion with his family heritage of pottery-making.

This gracefully curvaceous figural piece is an abstract dancer figure. Her tablita is decorated with cloud and rain signs in a design that strikingly blends curves and straight lines.

The tall form is shaped and smoothed, seamlessly. A glittery, mica-infused clay shines on the figure and tablita, while her features, hair and rain designs are matte black.

This is from a plant-brewed paint, as natural as the rest of the piece.

A lyrical, curved and pointed form is repeated in the water sign on the tablita, the figure’s hair, the slope of her shoulders, and the wing-like “arm” she gestures with.

Even the shape of the vase-form itself is of a similar curve.

Around her neck, she wears a real necklace of turquoise and red coral nuggets, with shell heishi and a spiny oyster shell pendant.

From every angle this figural piece is a vision of grace and elegance.

A modern version of a traditional subject, created by traditional means, by hand, from gathering and mixing the clay, to coiling, smoothing, painting with plant-derived paint, and firing in the ground.

A lovely blend of traditional materials and technique, with a modern sensibility, by a foremost pottery artist.


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