Rain Design Seed Pot


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She is reputed, in Acoma, for her beautiful painting on clay pieces.

This seed pot demonstrates her precision and flair for design, as well as the elegant form of the piece.

A flattened oval is covered with a dynamic pattern of rain and rainfall, painted on the diagonal.

Dense black stepped designs represent rain, and sacred kivas, where rain is prayed for.

The strong, diagonal rhythm gives the seed pot  a dramatic animation.

The fine-line painting represents rainfall, and also plays up the rotundity of the handsome shape.

Notice how the stepped designs taper, and the fine-line areas are also tapered to a point, in the opposite direction – harmony and tension in the same design makes it exciting.

A floral design fans out from the tiny hole at top, symbolizing the hoped-for result of rain: happy plants and crops.

A striking seed pot from an accomplished artist.

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Natural Clay and Clay Slip I Plant Pigment


2 3/4" H x 2 1/8" W x 1 5/8" Deep