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Rain and Lightning Earrings


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The name Marcus Coochwikvia is a name not as well known as it should be, in our opinions.

This talented Hopi silversmith has been creating jewelry since 1973 where he learned from his brother-in-law, Glen Lucas, and Hopi Crafts.  He worked at Hopi Crafts for about ten years before moving on to Hopi Guild, and then finally, he became his own boss!

In 2009, he won 1st place at the famed Santa Fe Indian Market for his overlay silverwork, and the talent that helped him win that award is clearly visible in these stunning earrings.

These irregularly shaped earrings seem to flow like the water they represent, with the journey symbols at the bottoms reminiscent of ripples in a river after raindrops splash the surface.

The oblong-ish journey winds around and pointing the eye to the lightning symbols at the top of the earrings.

These earrings have a contemporary feel but use an age-old design.  Beautiful with any type of outfit, or for any occasion, they will be a lovely addition to (or start of) any collection!

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Sterling Silver