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Raffia Coiled Basket


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Basketry has been a part of the rich tapestry of Native American cultures for centuries. Native American basket weavers have transformed twigs, grasses, roots, ferns, and bark into works of art that are unsurpassed for their beauty and technological skill. Basket weaving is one of the oldest known Native American arts. Archaeologists have identified some ancient American Indian baskets from the Southwest as being nearly 8,000 years old, according to the Bruce Museum.

This small but spectacular basket has been in our collection for quite some time, and because of that, the maker and tribe have been lost. That fact, however, does not detract from the beauty of the craftsmanship.

This basket is made of two colors of coiled raffia, giving the pattern depth and dimensionality. Accented with bright blue pony beads, and small pieces of carved shell, this is a perfect catch-all for your change at the end of the day or a handy place to keep your keys!

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3 3/4"


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