“Racing our Spring Ponies”

Benjamin Ahn-Hia-Ohm Nelson



This painting is suffused with a happy golden glow, like the joyful feel of the first warmth of Spring.

It evokes the same exuberance in the viewer as is depicted in the subject.

The artist has been winning awards for his painting since the age of 7!

Now a grown-up husband, father, and EMT, he still beautifully puts his love of his mother’s Kiowa heritage on canvas, for all to enjoy.

The style is inspired by Plains ledger paintings, depictions of significant events that were painted on tepees.

After the tribes were contained on reservations, and no longer free to hunt buffalo and deer for their hides, they continued the tradition on discarded business forms they found.

This painting wonderfully expresses the exultation and unleashed joy of boys running their ponies in the warm sunlight, after a long, cold winter indoors.

The riders and their horses are painted in rich colors, with wonderful shadow riders that ground the varied tones and hues.

The background is artfully varied and marbled, so there is depth, as well as radiant color.

Pure pleasure, in color, form and movement, this painting seems to give off its own light and warmth.

It will raise spirits and lift hearts in the greyest of times, and reflect the pleasure of sunny days.

Light up your life, and your wall, with this beauty.

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