Racing on the Range


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Delbert Buck is celebrated for his amusing, whimsical wooden carvings of Navajo life. This piece is a characteristically wry comment on transportation on the reservation – wagons are slow, no sports cars available, but plenty of fast jackrabbits!

This cowboy, and his cowboy dalmatian, are decked out in leather chaps over blue jeans, vests, fancy shirts, and “silver” hatbands on their black hats. All the painted details are colorful, elaborate, and actually realistic, from saddle blanket to two-gun holsters, elaborate boots, and more. A fine, funny detail: the dog’s tail jutting out from his jeans.

With anticipatory smiles, they are about to set off on their giant jackrabbit, who looks just as pleased to get going. With sticks for whiskers, long yellow teeth, and the requisite enormous ears, this jackrabbit is eagerly poised to leap ahead.

Good-natured, self-deprecatory humor, paired with decorative design and color, in a marvelous size for display, make this another of this award-winning folk artist’s ever-delightful pieces.


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Wood I Paint I Deerskin


13 1/2"


15" x 6" deep