Purple Spiny Oyster Shell Necklace with Lepidolite


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Jovanna is a highly reputed, award-winning, jeweler, the third-generation of this noted family of celebrated innovators. She brings the Zuni tradition of beadwork into the 21st-century with creative designs featuring unusual materials and design. Meticulous attention to detail and superb craftsmanship are hallmarks of this talented lady, along with a brilliant sense of color and texture. These are all present in this gorgeous necklace, along with richly modulated color and texture.

With a range of pinkish-lilac hues, this necklace features a satin-smooth rectangle of lepidolite, subtly mottled all over, in a very small scale, so it resembles granite. Backed with shiny silver leather, this softly gleaming stone pillow is embraced by multiple rows of tiny, tiny, crystal beads, finished off on three sides with transparent amethyst tabs. At the top, vertical rows of the same minute purple beads, form a wrap to support the pendant.

Below the amethyst tabs at the bottom, five varied tassels swing fetchingly as the wearer moves. At the center, the longest is made up of spiny oyster shell disks, amethysts in various sizes, including a large, sculpted ball and a faceted one at the end, and a couple of lilac-hued stone beads that are hand formed. The shorter tassels comprise amethyst beads and a single disk of purple spiny oyster shell.

The necklace that supports the pendant is composed of more little pinky-lilac stone beads, at the bottom and at the top, together with disks of purple spiny oyster shell – which is actually like the wampum that bought Manhattan Island – that alternate with oval beads of faintly pink glass, framed in silvery metal.

Rectangles, rounds, disks, and ovals together provide visual animation, and the wonderfully managed textures add to the allure of this extraordinary piece. Solid stone, transparent beads, sparkling facets, and glittering tiny beads are all foils for the crunchy, mottled look of the spiny oyster shell disks. The artistic sensibility that put this all together is remarkable, but that is why Jovanna has been awarded so many prizes, and her work is in museums, as well as private collections all over.

Delicate, rugged, glimmering, matte, smooth, rough, and altogether gorgeous, this necklace is stunning, whatever you choose to wear with it.

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Pendant Width

2 5/8"

Length, with tassels

approx. 29"