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Purple Spiny Oyster Shell Earrings


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Less is definitely more when this artist, long recognized as a prize-winning painter, carver, teacher, community activist, as well as jeweler, wields his minimalist magic.

He loves to find top-notch stones and set them as simply as possible, to keep attention on the stone.

Here, he has chosen purple spiny oyster shell, historically prized by Eastern tribes as “wampum”, and used as currency. In this millennium, we prize these particular pieces for their regal beauty.

Premium examples of the shell, with no apparent blemish or color change, these royal purple earrings need no embellishment.

The silver setting holds them in place, and adds a trace of gleaming accent. This master of the just-enough, leaves it beautifully there.

If you love purple, excellent workmanship, beautiful design and flattering, wearable earrings, you will love these.

It is hard to find purple earrings that are beautifully made of first -rate materials, simple, versatile, and not too expensive; snag these before they disappear.



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Sterling Silver/ Purple Spiny Oyster Shell


1 7/8" L x 3/4" W