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Purple Spiny Oyster Necklace


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Centuries ago, Eastern tribes traded wampum as currency- so precious was the rare, naturally purple shell of the spiny oyster.

In this century, spiny oyster shell is available from all over the world, not just from an area near the particular tribe.

So, we can wear a five-strand necklace of beautifully regular, little beads of rich, purple spiny oyster shell that would have been a chief’s ransom, in the past.

It is still not easy to come by, or produce, this cascade of royal-purple beauty.

The rich variation of (natural) color is the result of meticulous – and very tedious – sorting by the artist, in order to vary the individual beads to produce an effect as lively as possible.

What matters, in the end, is the result – a stunning necklace of classic simplicity and rich, flattering color that is also surprisingly neutral, and that can be worn constantly.

Twisted,  it has a tailored allure; draped naturally, it has a more casual look.

A wonderful piece to throw on with almost anything, for any occasion.

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Natural Spiny Oyster Shell, Sterling Silver


23 1/2" L