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Purple and Teal Beaded Necklace


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This highly reputed, award-winning jeweler is the third-generation of her noted family of celebrated innovators.

She brings the Zuni tradition of beadwork into the 21st-century with creative designs featuring unusual materials and design.

Meticulous attention to detail, superb craftsmanship, and a brilliant sense of color and texture are hallmarks of this talented lady.

Here she combined a gorgeous, royal purple charoite stone with teal turquoise tabs.

A panoply of glass and crystal beads emphasize the beautiful color palette with sparkle, glitter and luminous translucence.

Purple and green is one of Nature’s most lovely color pairings, – think lilac bushes, irises, and more.

Romantic and lyrical, the masterful combination of transparent, translucent, and glittering beads are grounded by the solidity of the turquoise tabs and the splendid charoite pendant.

Alone, the combination is dreamy, but a bit moody; accents of vivid chartreuse beads, wake up the whole necklace.

Below the graceful teardrop of the pendant, seven tassels swing fetchingly as you move. Here is where Jovanna added a little salsa to the mix.

Turquoise tabs, deep purple, faceted crystal beads, and bright turquoise ones, are brought from lovely, but sedate, to vivacious and glamorous by those parrot green beads.

Visual animation, and the wonderfully managed textures, add to the luscious allure of this extraordinary piece.

The artistic sensibility that put this all together is remarkable, but that is why Jovanna’s work has been awarded so many prizes, and is in museums, as well as private collections, all over.

Jazz up your casual wear, and complement your fancy duds with this fabulous necklace.

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26" L | Pendant is 4 5/8" L with tassels x 1 3/8" W


Beads, Charoite, Fluorite, Leather, Stabilized Turquoise, Sterling Silver