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Purple and Pink Glass Bear


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Ever seen a purple cow? Well, a pink and purple bear is even more rare!

In the gifted hands of this internationally celebrated glass artist, the iconic symbol of strength, power, intelligence and protection wears a coat of luscious colors.

Despite attending prestigious non-Native art schools, and working with the great Dale Chihuly, Tony always creates work that reflects his Pueblo roots, in an innovative, contemporary way.

Purple, lavender, and shades of pink swoop around the clear glass base, anchored by assertive bands of black. The bear’s nose is red, in the light. These colors were all applied by hand, when the glass was still hot on the blower’s rod.

The swirling movement, the pretty hues, and the graceful, but powerful, form of the bear all work together to create a delightful yin/yang.

Contemporary art meets ancient tradition, and the result is unexpected, and beautiful.


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5 1/8" x 1 1/2" deep