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Pueblo Scene Bolo with Turquoise


Silver oval overlaid with multiple scenes: Pueblo houses and night sky, cornstalks, waves of water, animals and fish, rainclouds and lightning, spiral of water, gold accents. Natural, oval Kingman waterweb turquoise in center.

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Joseph Coriz has a favorite style, and it is supremely worth repeating in different pieces: he overlays and appliques various scenes of Pueblo life and lore on sterling silver, with 14-karat gold accents. The details are precise, the individual elements are charmingly abstract, and the effect is almost like dense embroidery, as the many polished silver components gleam against the darkened background.

In this majestically beautiful bolo, the graceful oval shape is echoed in the elegant turquoise, set in the center. This superb, natural, Kingman water-web turquoise is a lovely blue, with a lacy web of varying shades, as if you were looking down on water. Water is an essential element of life, leading to abundant food and, therefore, healthy and happy people. The stone magnificently symbolizes this life-giving resource.

There are many watery symbols in this balanced and decorative design. A row of waves curls around the very bottom of the piece, and at the left center. At the top, a rain cloud with falling rain, and the river spiral, sit atop three lightning bolts. Other symbols of plenty, such as protective and meat animals, and fish, birds, corn stalks and corn, round out the symbolism of water’s benefits. At the right, center, a three-story pueblo house slumbers under a night sky filled with stars and a gold moon. A gold sun and moon shine on the cornstalks, also.

Every bit is hand made, from the bezel around the splendid turquoise, to the beautifully simple keepers and tips, includint the hand-braided leather cord. (The cord may be changed and/or shortened.) This is a remarkable bolo, a wonderful work of art you can wear – with business attire, formal wear, and jeans, too.

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2 1/2"

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14k Gold, Leather, Natural Kingman Turquoise, Sterling Silver