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“Prince Charming” Ring


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A handsome ring by a young artist, related to the well-known Peina family of Zuni jewelers.

Abe called this the Prince Charming ring, which is a sort of double pun: the design is reminiscent of a prince’s crown, and the small dome of sky-blue, natural turquoise, is… Sleeping Beauty turquoise!

The silver is a nice, sturdy heft, the design is understated but intriguing, and it is very well made.

the little turquoise is surrounded by a toothed bezel, and a plain silver circle that ends in a flattened silver dome.

Larger matching silver domes sit on either side, with a third one at the very back.

The shank is double: the stone and domes are set in a flat piece of silver, that is soldered seamlessly together with the rounded bars at the top.

The workmanship is as fine as the design is handsome.

Uncommonly attractive, sparked by that celestial little blue turquoise, this gleaming ring is perfect for men or women.

Whether you are Prince Charming, have already met him, or are waiting for him to come along, this ring will delight you.

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Natural Sleeping Beauty Turquoise, Sterling Silver

Ring Size

11 1/2


1/2" W