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Pregnant Storyteller in Russet Dress


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Bonnie’s storyteller ladies almost always have a side swept braid or ponytail, which is a modern tweak on traditional hairstyles. This lovely lady is definitely a modern storyteller in more than coiffures, though! Always innovative, the potter has created snowmen and other non-traditional figures, but we have the first Mamas-to-Be, as far as we know. A new-fangled subject, but made in the old, traditional way, with hand gathered and mixed clay, coiled, smoothed, and painted by hand, and pit-fired. The colors are all natural clay, clay slips, and/or vegetal paint. Well-groomed and pretty, this young lady wears a handsome dress – and moccasins. She looks about ready to pop, given her expression. What is she saying? “OHH, my aching back”?” “Somebody bring me a pillow”? You and your admiring guests can have fun inventing other captions, and enjoying the historic subject matter. As does all art, storyteller figures evolve with the times, and this is a delightful example. Collectors and expectant moms, alike, will love this figure.

Natural Clay, Natural Pigments

Width: 1 1/2″ Height: 5 1/2″ Depth: 3″