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Pregnant Storyteller in Pink Dress


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One of the prolific, award-winning Fragua potters of Jemez Pueblo, Bonnie is noted for the innovative, contemporary style of her figures – like this adorable Mama-to-Be. She is traditionally made: hand gathered and mixed clay; hand coiled, smoothed, painted, and fired. She is wearing a pretty pink dress instead of a manta (one-shouldered Pueblo dress), but with moccasins in matching pink; a modern Pueblo woman.What is she doing? I think she’s singing to the baby, according to the latest information that babies are aware of goings-on outside the womb. (My grandmother swore that was so, but scientists now confirm it.) With her sweetly serene expression, flowing hair and pastel clothing, she is a vision of femininity.The best pottery (and art, in general) evolves with the times, and this endearing figure is a wonderful addition to a storyteller collection, or a gift for an expectant mother. A little bit traditional; a little bit contemporary, a whole lot delightful.

Natural Clay, Natural Pigments

Width: 1 1/2″ Height: 5 3/8″ Depth: 3 1/8″