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Pregnant Mama Bear


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Tony is one of the most celebrated of the few Native glass artists there are. He is perhaps the only one who creates  items that reflect his culture, exclusively in hot-blown.

Bears are revered for their superior strength, intelligence and survival skills. This virtuoso piece is a very bear-y bear, created at the end of a glassblower’s rod. The astonishing feat of skill and creativity is the baby bear, contained within the clear glass mother.

There are a few little bubbles, to make the texture interesting, while the sunny golden glass of the baby reflects within the clear mother’s body. The form, while somewhat abstract, is uncannily true to a real bear. You expect her to lumber off at any moment.

A wonderful example of the supreme mastery of this difficult medium, by one of its premier practitioners, and a beautiful example, as well.



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Hot-Blown Glass


5 7/8" high x 3 3/4" wide