“Praying For Happiness” Chrysocolla Ring


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Abraham Peina is a growing talent in the Native art world.

A young jeweler, he enjoys pushing the boundaries of his art and seeing where his vision can take him. Abraham is related to the well-known Peina, Poblano, and Eustace families of Zuni artists, and favors contemporary designs in most of his work.

This ring is no exception.

Immediately noticeable, front and center, is the wonderfully different Chrysocolla cabochon!

Chrysocolla is commonly mistaken for Turquoise, and you can see why. They are both found in blue to green color schemes, and Chrysocolla is often found near many of the well-known Turquoise mines. This Chrysocolla definitely showcases the similarities while standing out just as much!

The designs around the shank of the ring are expressing the ups and downs as you go on your journey, where your prayers for happiness are sometimes answered and sometimes ignored.

One lucky person will know what it feels like to have their prayers for happiness answered when they take this gorgeous ring home!

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Chrysocolla, Sterling Silver

Ring Size

6 1/4


1 1/8"