“Prayers from the Stars”



A striking painting by this multiple-award-winning artist. It depicts Yei’s, who are benevolent intermediaries between the Navajo people on earth, and the heavens.

Ye’is appear in ceremonial dances, and convey prayers up to the heavens, hence the title of the painting.

Seen in close-up, only as heads, the figures are beautifully painted, with full command of the medium.

The composition is wonderful, despite the central placement of the main figure.

Brilliantly maintaining a sense of motion, a smaller head, to the left of the central one, is balanced by the spray of feathers that flare out at the right.

Similarly, vertical feathers on both heads jut up, balancing the swirling hair and painted area at the bottom.

Compelling, dramatic, and with mellow, but emphatic, colors, this painting is one to attract attention and admiration every time you see it.

A masterful painting, by a recognized master artist.

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18" H x 24" W


Acrylic Paint, Canvas