“Prayers For Water” Bolo

Tim Yazzie



Tim’s overlay silverwork is impeccable, like his mentor’s, the late, great Chalmers Day, whose technique is still celebrated, internationally.

This beautifully handmade bolo is a remarkable accomplishment, in design, execution, and materials.

Tim’s traditional subject matter reflects the influence of his grandmother, a  deeply spiritual woman, in the Pueblo where he was raised.

Drawing the eye in immediately, at the top and bottom of the bolo, the twelve eagle tail feathers remind us of the eagle’s singular ability to bring prayers down from above and back up as well.

On both ends of the center, abutting the feathers, are triangular cutouts symbolizing raindrops. The dark (oxidized) and light (high-polished) triangles in the upper middle of the bolo show both night and day, which refers to the wish that prayers for water and the blessing of water are always happening in the Pueblo.

There are additional prayer feathers, from smaller birds used in ceremonial paraphernalia, on either side of the inlay in the center.

The triangular multi-stone inlay in the center includes Natural Kingman and Sleeping Beauty Turquoise, Spiny Oyster, Fossil Ivory, and Jet. The turquoise symbolizes the water, with the orange Spiny Oyster representing the parrot, whose feathers are also used ceremonially. The black and off-white of the Jet and Fossil Ivory is a “yin and yang” type idea, speaking to keeping the balance for all.

The leather cord leads you down to substantial, well-constructed, and fully hand-fabricated sterling silver tips with two simple lines around the bottom quarter of each, a subtle end to a true statement bolo.

Wear this with a suit or your best boots, jeans, and hat combo, but wear it well and enjoy being able to tell this beautiful story to your friends and family!



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