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Prancing Horse Table Fetish


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A granddaughter of the famous Zuni jeweler, Alice Quam, Rochelle learned to carve fetishes from her former husband, Esteban Najera, well-known for his antler carvings.

Horses are a favorite subject, and this charming carving is one of her largest.

In heavily textured travertine, the horse is prancing, in full motion. The tail is full and deeply carved, the muzzle is realistic; the mane and hooves are also carefully shown. The jet base is carved to resemble rocky terrain.

With proportions that are not entirely naturalistic, there is a very appealing folk art-like feel to this winsome carving. It almost resembles archaic Chinese sculptures.

Large enough to be a feature on your table, desk, shelf or mantel, this horse will bring you pleasure every time you look at it.


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Jet, Travertine


3 5/8" H x 5"W x 1 3/4" Deep