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Pottery Turtle


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Dad is renowned sculptor Cliff Fragua, but this younger artist has chosen pottery as her medium of expression, like her grandmother, Juanita, and other family members.

There is a sculptural quality about this lovely little turtle, however, with its charmingly rotund form and perky tail.

Turtles live around and in water, so the flowers on its back refer to the important role water plays in creating thriving plants – and crops.

There is a subtle sparkle about this little amphibian; it is coated with a natural, micaceous slip.

In addition, the clay slips and wild spinach paint that delineates the flowers and rain signs, are all natural.

Unusually some of the flower petals are depressed into the body of the clay, and the rosette center is built up into three-dimensions.

Charming, well-formed and delightfully painted, this fetching turtle brings good luck and beauty to all turtle lovers


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Vegetal Paint, Narural Clay Slips, Natural Handmade Clay and Micaceous Clay Slip