Pottery Shard Cufflinks

Mark Stevens



With artistry, as well as skill, this creative jeweler transforms ancient pottery shards found on his Laguna Pueblo land into permanent, contemporary jewelry.

He casts the originals in sterling silver, and then returns the ancient pottery shards to the earth, where he discovered them.

The jewelry fashioned from these silver-cast pottery shards is unusual and handsome, like these striking cufflinks.

The background is darkened to black, and textured; the raised elements are polished.

Several contrasts make the design of these cufflinks dramatic: between the flat and the three-dimensional, the dark and lighter metal, and matte and gleaming finishes.

Each piece is entirely one-of-a kind, since the artist returns the shards to the land after casting a piece.

These cufflinks are faithful to the irregular form and pattern of the original painted fragment of clay, yet have the dramatic appeal of a totally modern, abstract design.

Excellent, solid silver work combines with artistic flair and a love of his heritage, resulting in unique, attractive jewelry for man or woman that is also functional.

A photo of the original shard is included with the cufflinks.



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