Pot With Shimmering Wave

Dominique Toya


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Granddaughter, daughter and sister of prize-winning potters, Dominique shot into the artistic stratosphere with a coveted Best of Division prize at Santa Fe Indian Market – in contention for Best in Show. Now, she often collaborates with the legendary potter Nancy Youngblood. The two just won another Best of Pottery, at the Autry Museum Art Market, in California. Despite all the fame and hoop-la, Dominique still favors us with pieces that are all hers. This beauty is her latest.A perfect sphere of natural beige clay is covered in a slip of red Jemez clay, and bisected with a carved, wavy band. The red slip is stone-polished to a satiny gleam; the carved band shows the underlying beige clay, painted with a slip of glittering micaceous clay, for a beautiful contrast. The result is, in a word, gorgeous.Every step of this traditional process has been beautifully realized: gathering and mixing the clays, coiling, shaping, smoothing, painting with the red clay and micaceous slips, stone polishing, and firing in the ground, as has been done for centuries. Created entirely hand-to-eye, this jewel of a pot is impeccable in every way.A shimmering gem of pottery art, by a recognized star of the medium, this luscious olla will grace any decor, and fit on any shelf or table top. You will delight in its beauty today, and it will be treasured for generations to come.

Natural Clay, Natural Pigments

Height: 3 3/4″ Diameter: 4 3/4″