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Polychrome Sculpture with 3 Yeis


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Sheldon Harvey recently won both Best of Division and Best of Show at Santa Fe Indian Market – in the same year!

This is a phenomenal achievement, even for this multi-award-winning artist.

Painter, as well as sculptor, his work hangs in mainstream art museums, and private collections all over.

The images he paints and sculpts are his imagined visions of the mythical beings from Navajo culture. He says he “saw” these figures as his grandparents and uncles told the stories.

This compelling and colorful figure is one of his latest pieces.

It demonstrates an evolving style toward more complexity and a richer palette. The carved areas add intricate texture, while the freely brushed colors are both subtle and vivid.

The palette incorporates warm hues, symbolic of the sun, day, and earth; cool blues, violets and turquoise, refer to water, the sky, and night.

Together, the palette achieves the Navajo ideal of balance within Nature.

The figure is imaginary, as noted, but has traditional elements of attire: for example, the feathered tablita (headdress), and kilt.

Flanking the center figure, the tablita shows two rectangular faces at the bottom. These are very similar to Yeis, benevolent Navajo spirits.

Feathers, stylized and carved into the tablitas of all three heads, signify prayers that are sent up to the heavens.

Repeated circles, within the figures and on the metal base, refer to raindrops. Water is the most precious resource in the high desert and very good luck.

Radiant with vibrant color, exuberant brushstrokes, and a happy message, this marvelous figure is another joyous work by an exceptional and renowned artist, in total command.

It will bring great color and good vibes into your home, for all to enjoy.