Polychrome Scalloped Lip Jar


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Marcella, like her, award-winning family of potters, is known for her carved swirl pots.

Here, she created an entirely different style, with elegant form, dramatic contrast, and lovely, micaceous finish.

The graceful, long neck of this jar ends in four rounded scallops, pointing to the four corners of the earth.

The beautiful form is unadorned, except for the subdued sparkle of the mica- imbued clay slip, and the dramatic band that flows across the shoulder.

This band is deeply carved at each edge and coated with a beige clay slip, that contrasts with the plain body, and the wild spinach-derived black designs.

The wavy shape of the carved and painted band suggests a river, and the designs include fine-lines symbolizing rain, as well as plant forms.

Every part of this imposing piece is linked together; water and rain feed plants, which leads to happiness, good health and prosperity.

A lovely jar, with a beautiful form and message, beautifully executed by hand from start to finish. And a beautiful price, too!

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Vegetal Paint, Natural Clay