Polychrome Pot


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This award-winning artist was voted Indian Artist of the Year, by her peers at the start of the last decade – a national honor. Her work is traditional but has a very individual look thanks to her use of a grey clay slip, which she and her husband developed.This elegant bowl demonstrates here mastery of form, finish and decoration. It is characteristically covered with varied, detailed designs in natural pigments. Her typical palette of Jemez red clay, mixed with white and her signature grey slips, is both lively and soothing. She fires the colors, but they are left matte, rather than stone polished.The three-tiered patterns range from simplified feathers at the base, through rain, flower and plant motifs in the center and a gracefully scalloped border at the rim. There is a lovely relationship between the shape of the piece and the decoration, which both embellishes and emphasizes the beautifully tapered form.

Handmade Natural Clay and Pigments

6 3/4″ W x 6″ H