Polychrome Ladybug Seed Pot


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A classic Acoma seed pot in miniature, by one half of a renowned couple, acclaimed for their meticulous interpretations of historic, traditional pottery.

Barbara usually paints the large, perfectly formed ollas that her husband Joseph coils.

But, every once in a while she makes a pot by herself, so this piece is pretty rare, as well as delightful.

Beautifully painted lady bugs and other friendly critters flit about the rounded top, in earthy, natural colors.

Ladybugs, and other insects, eat crop-destroying pests. Happy plants lead to happy and healthy people.

There is even a deer (rabbit?) on one side of the pot, symbolizing full tummies and general prosperity, as well.

The angular lines and forms relate to rain and land forms, as do the stippled red and brown areas.

The base is the beautiful, pure white, local Acoma clay; the red is red clay slip, and the brown is a mixture of this slip and wild-spinach paint.

This unusual, impeccably made, charming and  highly collectible, seed pot is signed “Barbara Cerno”


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