Polychrome Fine Line Seed Pot


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Brian Delorme is a master of the ancient, but surprisingly modern-appearing, fine-line design. The hair-thin parallel lines represent rain, much needed by the dry farmers of Acoma Pueblo.

Much of this egg-shaped seed pot is covered in fine-line patterns that show the variety and precision of his work.

Since fine lines symbolize the blessing of rain, a sun design in fine lines refers to the ideal balance of nature.

In addition, there is a white, arrowhead motif surrounding one side, usually referring to protection.

This design also reveals the natural, pure white clay that is a sign of Acoma pottery.

The black designs are the result of steeping wild spinach plants, to make an indelible paint.

The tiny hole at the top reveals the original use of seed pots: to store seeds over the winter and to prevent vermin from reaching them.

In this spectacular pot, amazing skill, beauty and artistry are added to traditional symbols, and maybe this pot will find the way home to your collection!

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Natural Clay, Natural Paint


3 1/4"