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Polychrome Cornstalk Seed Pot


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Dad is renowned sculptor Cliff Fragua, but this younger artist has chosen pottery as her medium of expression, following her grandmother, Juanita’s, path.

This well-formed seed pot is decorated with traditional motifs in an original design. It represents happiness, good health and abundance.

The red clay surface is divided into segments that resemble stylized eagle feathers. Eagle feathers carry prayers and hopes up to the heavens.

Each feather has a stepped rain design toward the center of the pot, and horizontal bands toward the bottom of the feather.

The narrow ends of the feather forms fan out from the circular center of the pot, which symbolizes the sun, with its golden beige center and greenish-grey ring.

The design makes the rain signs and the feather outlines resemble the rays of the sun.

Between each pair of feathers, a graceful cornstalk rises from another stepped motif. Crops depend on a balance of rain and sun to thrive.

Graceful curved lines, with a dot at the points, enclose the whole pattern, reinforcing the theme. Dots usually symbolize raindrops.

Nicely formed, and beautifully painted with an imaginative and beautifully balanced design, this is a marvelous seed pot by a celebrated family’s younger generation.

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3 3/4" Diameter x 2 5/8" H


Natural Clay and Clay Slip I Plant Pigment