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Polychrome “Computer Chip” Olla


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A noted award-winning artist, she is eagerly collected by knowledgable pottery-lovers.

The combination of thin walls and complex, painted designs makes her work visually stunning.

Hand coiled of hand gathered clay, this jar is an intricate study in tiny squares, brilliantly composed for dramatic effect.

Frederica’s signature variation of the traditional Acoma fine-line pattern is the tiny squares that cover the body of the piece in various configurations.

The effect is similar to film strips, or computer tests.

The white areas are the famous, pure white Acoma base clay, showing through the painted areas.

Dark russet and lighter adobe colors are natural clay slips; the dark brownish black is derived from brewing wild spinach leaves, to form a natural pigment.

The rim and bottom of this shapely piece are decorated in small squares, which grow larger as the form swells.

There are two separate patterns, divided by angular, diagonal bands of warm russet clay slips.

These resemble lightning, flashing across stormy skies. Rain is a blessing, and good luck, in the desert.

The marvelously regular, precise patterns of diminutive squares,form a complicated, but symmetrical design, alternating on four sides of the olla.

This piece is formed with an elegant shape, a dramatic design in a warm palette, and is flawless in every regard.

The size is large enough to easily admire her exceptional skill and artistry, but small enough to display in a variety of spaces.

A real treat for you who love her remarkable pottery.

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Natural Clay and Clay Slip I Plant Pigment


5" H x 5" Diameter