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Polka Dot Bracelet


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Polka dots, bubbles, or balloons; whatever these buoyant circles remind you of, the effect is the same – fun, and high spirits, with the artist’s usual poised elegance.

Known for his sleek, minimalist designs, and the highest quality stones, Michael has gone for a totally different look in this wonderful bracelet – although the integrity of the materials is just as fine.

The main surface of the cuff is heavily granulated, and the silver is darkened. Here and there, the higher edges of the silver granules are polished, so there are bright sparks appearing randomly.

The circles of colorful stones are set above this crunchy background, providing a marvelous contrast of texture and depth, as well.

Both edges of the cuff, as well as the silver setting of each stone, are highly polished, so there are gleaming lines of silver that also contrast with the center.

Perky blue-green turquoise, warm red coral, and deepest blue lapis brighten the palette, along with a few dots of black marble, that anchor all those colors.

All the stones are natural. The smooth, burnished surface of the stones is another marvelous contrast to the grainy background.

Bright and dark, gleaming and matte, with beautifully arranged pops of color, this bracelet is a study in wonderful contrasts that the jeweler’s eye has assembled with his well-known artistry and impeccable technique.

A bracelet that is serious fun!




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Black Jade, Lapis, Natural Coral, Natural Turquoise, Sterling Silver

Cuff Size

5 3/8"

Gap Size

1 3/8"

Wrist Size

6 3/4"