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Polished Silver Collar


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Al Joe has created the perfect collar necklace. Twice in this decade voted Indian Artist of the Year, he is known throughout the country for his impeccable work and elegant designs.

This ergonomic collar is hand forged, which means it fits the curve of the shoulder perfectly, and is not like the usual silver collar – this is sturdy, yet flexible, but won’t bend out of shape. You won’t even know you are wearing it, it’s so comfortable.

This polished version looks wonderful worn alone – it provides a minimalist, gleaming flash at the throat – and makes every pendant look fabulous. Any pendant with a shepherd’s hook will fit over it, and it is narrow enough for many bails, as well. In addition, you can just attach any pin that has no up or down orientation! It is the equivalent of a choker necklace.

Since each collar is hand forged, each one has a slightly different shape. This one seems slightly oval.

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14k Gold, Sterling Silver


14", Gap 3 1/4"