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Polished Redware Pot


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Mother of major, prize-winning potters and a nationally honored sculptor (Cliff Fragua), she herself is noted for her importance in reviving traditional pottery-making at Jemez Pueblo. As well as teaching her children (including Betty Jean Fragua and Glendora Fragua), she is known for the elegant, traditional, stone-polished pieces she produces herself, particularly the melon pot style.This is a beautiful example of form, polish and decoration, each working together to make a fabulous whole. The tapered but plump shape is a realistic squash form, with each softly rounded rib well-defined and echoing that taper. Around the neck, a crisp design of rain clouds and wind is painted in positive/negative colors. Notice a delightful detail: a little wavy water sign on the inside of the rim, in just one place.This is a truly beautiful version of the traditional melon pot, made with love, skill, and respect for tradition. If you own pieces by her children, this would be a fine addition. Or, start with one of the matriarch’s pieces and then move on to the second generation’s. Or just grab this wonderful pot and enjoy it all by itself.PS Now 80 years old, Juanita is going to be honored as a Local Treasure, in September.

Natural Clay, Natural Pigments

Height: 5 1/2″ Diameter: 6″