Polished Pen Shell Pendant


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Dainty, delicate, deliciously feminine, this lovely pendant has all the allure of Victorian jewelry.

However, it is traditional Zuni work in a design the artist created.

Carefully cut and polished, deliciously glowing shell combines with sterling silver in a quarter rosette; a traditional motif usually seen in turquoise or coral.

Beautifully shaped silver dangles add a different kind of gleam, with rounded shanks and textured arrowhead ends.

The iridescent lilac and pink hues of the shell are just ravishing, echoing the delicacy, and ethereal scale of the pendant.

A radiant pendant that is dainty, but noticeable – and beautifully made.

For you who like smaller-scale jewelry, that makes a lovely impression.


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3" L x 1" W


Polished Pen Shell, Sterling Silver