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Polished “Oil Slick” Jar


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With an allure partly traditional, and partly utterly contemporary, this impressive vase is an example of the amazing versatility of this accomplished young potter.

The finish is the result of one of those happy accidents that really creative artists are alert enough to utilize.

After the first, unforeseen, occurrence, the artist experimented.

Now, he uses the technique deliberately, for striking effect.

This dramatic pattern on the hand-burnished, white Zuni clay is truly unique; a completely new look for Pueblo pottery.

In this piece, unlike the others in this series, the organically formed stripes run from bottom to top, creating a reverse pattern.

The vibrant contrast, and organic forms, look almost like flames licking at the vase; a visual abstraction of the firing process itself.

As in all his work, there is a minimalist, classic purity of form, and a monumental, serene feeling.



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Natural Handmade Clay, Oil


9" H x 8 1/2" diameter