Polar Bear with Salmon – AS IS

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A beautifully executed fetish that conveys traditional lore, by a celebrated fetish carver.

Bears are symbols of protection, powerful strength, and hunting (i.e., survival) abilities.

This well-formed polar bear (he’s white-ish) has snagged a large, beautifully iridescent salmon, and seems to be enjoying his triumph.

Every hair of his furry pelt is distinctly carved. Face, paws, and body are carved with realistic detail.

In contrast to his shaggy fur, his muzzle is polished and hair-free.

The salmon glistens with lovely iridescence, courtesy of a handsome and well-carved piece of abalone shell.

He is posed with head turned, feet planted; from every angle, this little sculpture looks animated, and interestingly naturalistic. (Except for the turquoise blue eyes, but they are such a pretty contrast.)

Another wonderful fetish by this famous carver, ready to transmit the bear’s protection and skill to your home.

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Natural Abalone Shell, Natural Picasso Marble, Turquoise


2 3/4" L x 1 3/4" W