Plume Agate Statement Ring

Althea Cajero



This jewelry artist has made an award-winning name for herself, aside from her title as a “Living Treasure” of the arts, in tandem with her husband.

Her pieces are always particularly graceful and quietly noticeable.

She uses the finest quality stones and pays attention to detail so that all the parts create a beautiful whole.

This ring is certainly noticeable, but even so, it doesn’t scream, it asserts; tastefully.

Althea’s pieces are known to be dramatic without being ostentatious, and extremely wearable.

Following the graceful form of the silver base, an elegantly proportioned, natural plume agate rises high, pointed at each end.

It has a fascinating matrix of creams, tans, and browns, with the cream spray resembling a feather plume.

Notice the gleaming, wider than usual, hand-cut silver bezel around the stone.

It is in perfect proportion to the broad width of the cuttlebone cast shank.

Her “signature” look is to cast silver in cuttlefish bone, for the intriguing texture that results.

Organic, but abstract, it adds a flowing movement to the silverwork and hints at the wavelets at the bottom of the sea- a fitting balance to the earth-toned agate.

This ring is timelessly chic, serene, yet dramatic, and sophisticated, as well as casually elegant.

Think about how it would look with a beige cashmere sweater and tailored slacks!

A ring for now, and generations to come, it is a fabulous classic.



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