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Plains Woman Mask


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The artist has been noted, for over 25 years, for her award-winning pottery figures and masks.

Multi-talented, she also recently won a prize for her starring role, in an independent, Native-themed movie!

She – and daughter Kathleen Wall – are best known for their delightful, smiling Koshare figures.

This mask, however, is very different, and therefore even more desirable for collectors.

Hand fashioned from natural clays that were gathered, mixed, formed, smoothed, and painted by hand, this elegant mask depicts a lovely Plains Indian woman.

Solemn and serene, she is dressed for a special occasion, with beads, real fur hanging at either side of the face, iridescent abalone shells, and brightly colored ribbons floating down from her headdress.

The decoration on her headdress includes feathers and stepped rain designs, with an arched rainbow symbol.

Rain is a blessing, making all plants grow, feeding animals that supply meat, and therefore creating happiness and good health.

The forms and finish on this stately mask are refined.

Her expression, without the shadows cast by the photographic lights, is majestically tranquil and lovely.

This beautiful mask is a definite showpiece on its own, but will also anchor a gallery arrangement of other art works.

It is a real prize, by this prize-winning artist.


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Vegetal Paint, Beads, Natural Abalone Shell, Natural Handmade Clay and Clay Slip, Ribbons | Fur


23 1/2" L x 9 3/4" W