Plain Stone-Polished Red Jar



Carol is a member of a noted Jemez Pueblo pottery family. One of her sisters is Geraldine Sandia, and Carol herself is a respected potter.

This lovely jar is made entirely in the traditional way: gathering the local red clay, mixing, coiling, smoothing it; firing in the ground, and polishing it with a stone – all by hand.

The shape is pleasing and graceful, also traditional; the burnished clay finish is a far cry from the flower-pot texture is has after firing.

That transformation, from matte to gleaming, is accomplished by patient rubbing with a special polishing stone – a stone that fits comfortably in the potter’s hand and is abrasive enough to achieve a polished finish.

Well-formed, with a tapered base, this pot is fetching in its simplicity.

A handsome example of traditional, Jemez pottery.

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Hand Processed Local Clay


6 3/8" H x 5 3/4" Diameter