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Pit-Fired Pitch Pot


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Susie Williams Crank is a sister of Alice Cling and Sue Williams, all daughters of Rose WIlliams, the 90-plus-year-old matriarch of contemporary Navajo pottery. Susie’s work is highly respected, as well.This charmingly rotund olla is just as tall as it is wide, giving it the cozy, comfy appeal of an ideal grandma, if it were a person. At the same time, it has a tranquil and quite powerful presence. Like all the Williams family’s work, this is entirely hand-made, from digging and preparing the clay to hand coiling the pot, and finally to firing it in a wood fire. That is the origin of the dark fire clouds that ornament Navajo pottery. After firing, it was coated with a thin veneer of melted pine pitch, inside and out, enhancing the color variations that result naturally from the firing. Unlike the traditional, historic Navajo pottery, the surface was burnished, again by hand, to this darkly glowing luster.

Natural Clay

Height: 6″ Diameter: 6″