Pipestone Otter


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A master carver, his work is included in museum shows, and collected internationally. This artist especially is known for animal fetishes.

Usually, he depicts traditional fetish animals, and/or those found in and around Zuni, New Mexico; he has ventured farther afield for this playful otter.

Carved of pipestone, the carefree little otter is floating on his back, as they so charmingly do. His fur is incised, his chubby paws, head, tummy, and tail are carved. with a minimum of detail, but the head is recognizably naturalistic.

The turquoise eyes are a southwestern touch, and contrast beautifully with the russet pipestone.

Not a traditional fetish, and you wouldn’t want to hunt such a cute creature, so this makes a delightful, easy-upkeep pet, as well as a carving by an acknowledged award-winner. Enjoy!

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Pipestone, Turquoise


3 1/2" w x 1" h x 1 1/8" d