Piokak Kachina


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Rarely seen and even more rarely carved, Piokak is one of the kiva dancers, so not usually seen by non-Natives.

Known in English as the  “Clapping Kachina” and/or the “Foot-Slapper”, there is a lot of secrecy around his function.

This unusual carving is made entirely from dead cottonwood root, except for the frothy puff of natural feathers on his head.

Most unusually, and very effectively, the folds and drape of his long-sleeved shirt are shown by horizontal chiseling.

That adds a nice texture, related to the triangular chisel cuts that depict his evergreen ruff, and the carved fringes of his moccasins.

The rest of his costume and paraphernalia are carved and painted in vibrant colors.

The designs on his “embroidered” vest are particularly detailed and precise.

A rare subject, and a fine representation.

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Dead Cottonwood Root, Commercial Paint, Natural Feather


11 1/2" H x 3 1/2" W x 4" Deep