Pinon Pitch Vase


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Alice’s mother, Rose Williams, is considered the “mother” of contemporary Navajo pottery, because she taught her daughters, who have refined her traditional approach, and almost every other Navajo potter.

Alice has gone so far beyond the traditional, functional and rather crude, style, she is the Picasso of Navajo pottery – an original, an innovator with a slew of followers.

Her characteristic elegance of form, and high burnish is evident in this lovely small piece.

The markings of the fire clouds, a result of melted pinon pitch and pit firing, resemble wood grain. So, a paradox: a glossy, smooth finish that almost appears textured.

Even though it is smaller than some, this jar is made with all the attention to form and finish as the artist’s larger pieces.

The classic tapered shape, the glossy burnish (made with a plastic hairbrush handle!), and the lovely slope up to a square rim are all typical of her work.

A show-stopper in a smaller scale by this celebrated potter; perfect to display in smaller spaces.


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