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Pink Serpentine Bear Fetish


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Her fame is as a third-generation, major award-winning jeweler, but this talented lady is Zuni, and cherishes her Pueblo’s traditions, as well as those of her grandfather, Leo Poblano.

This appealing bear fetish is carved in the original style; when a natural rock reminded the finder of one of the protective, or other, fetish animals.

The bear is the Guardian of the North, and his intelligence, powerful physique and survival skills are contained and conveyed in bear fetishes.

Deceptively simple, the unusual, pink serpentine stone creates a charmingly naive and beguiling little sculpture. Instead of a medicine bundle, the bear wears a necklace of turquoise heishi and natural red coral nuggets.

With his twinkling jet eyes and ingratiating smile, this is a delightful and rare piece of non-jewelry art from this famous artist.



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Coral, Black Jet, Serpentine, Turquoise


2 7/8" h x 1 1/2" w x 1 7/8"deep