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Pink Coral Post Earrings


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Teddy Draper Jr., son of one of the famed WWII code talkers, and gifted artisan has done it again!

These seemingly simple and remarkably elegant earrings are a perfect example of this multi-talented artist’s extraordinary work.

The pink coral, known as Angel Skin Coral, is of Japanese origin and is quite rare.  The specimens used here were ethically and legally sourced, and hand-cut by the artist, ensuring top quality.  The hues vary from deep, almost salmony pink to peachy white, and everywhere in between.

Surrounding the coral is a stunning rim of textured silver.  To create this texture, Teddy sprinkled a heated sheet of silver with finely ground silver dust, allowing it to melt and mold as it made contact.  The resulting texture appears almost like the texture that tufa casting produces, but it is less fine, and the patterns produced are more varied.

Using bright pink coral, which he cut himself, and textured sterling silver, Teddy has created earrings that can be just as dramatic as they can be understated…a perfect pair of earrings for any occasion.

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Angel Skin Coral, Sterling Silver