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Pink Coral Pendant


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Master jeweler, painter, carver, teacher, tribal leader, and more, this artist works with exceptional stones and sets them in the simplest of noble metal settings, to their greatest advantage. Each piece of natural, high grade material has been cut and polished by hand.

This beautiful pendant features incredibly precious, natural pink coral with great variations of color and shade. There are four distinct rows on the pendant, each divided by a glittering silver channel. The variation of vertical and horizontal inlay gives the piece an added sense of style and texture, without detracting from the remarkable, large, rosy pink coral pieces that are as plump as pillows. Natural coral is now almost as precious as gold, and even harder to find, as the reefs are being depleted, and so are increasingly protected. The high-set, rounded pieces set in this pendant are carefully polished so they gleam, but in a different way from the silver.

Three vertical pieces at the bottom, and the horizontal bar above them, are beautifully figured, looking like marble.The two horizontal pieces above that are a slightly deeper hue, and more solid in color. The top three pieces, and the coral in the bail, are in-between the others in hue and density. The top piece has been left with a more natural, irregular surface which adds even more variety and energy to the remarkable coral.

Most precious materials come from the earth – gold, silver, gem stones – but coral comes from the sea, and is just as precious and coveted – perhaps even more so. Unlike gold and gemstones, however, coral fits very comfortably into everyday life so it amortizes swiftly.

This very wearable pendant of robustly pink coral is not only precious, it is outstandingly beautiful – and will be treasured for generations. For a fabulous ensemble of understated luxury that is every-day wearable, see Roger’s angel skin coral bracelet that is a gorgeous complement to this pendant.

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Natural Pink Coral, Sterling Silver


3" long x 1 3/8" wide