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Pink and Green Clips


Inverted triangles of silver, set with rose rhodochrosite and a luminous green chrysoprase round, attached at the bottom of one side. Clips.

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Hank Whitethorne is well-known for ultra-dramatic, large-scale, show-stopping jewelry. Olivia, his wife, likes drama too, but keeps it more restrained. Here, two uncommon but beautiful stones together look like a spring garden. Natural, rosy rhodochrosite and luminous green chrysoprase add femininity, and soften a minimalist, contemporary design. And, for those of you with un-pierced ears – they are clips!


The raspberry pink of the rhodochrosite is luscious on its own; paired with the lovely, soft, translucent green of the chrysoprase, the two colors complement and reinforce each other, like a beautifully composed bouquet. The narrow edge of sterling silver that holds the stones adds perfect accents of a cool hue, and a little shot of gleam.


Think flower garden, and wear these with anything: crisp white tees, shirts, blues, greens, neutrals, black, white, you name it. Just imagine them with a grey suit or blazer. Fabulously original earrings that look like a million, but cost a lot less.

(If you belong to the pierced-ear contingent, these can be retro-fitted to posts.)


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Chrysoprase, Rhodochrosite, Sterling Silver


1" long x 5/8" wide