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Pilot Mountain Turquoise Ring


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A stunning ring by this master of the “neo-traditional”. He combines traditional Navajo jewelry elements in creative new ways, together with fine stones that take center stage – just like the old days, only with much more finesse in the workmanship.The wonderful markings in this natural turquoise read like an abstract painting: earth at the bottom, sky at the top? Land mass and ocean? You and the many admirers who look at this can decide for yourselves. A finely chiseled silver rope design frames the unadorned bezel. Hand-stamped flanges decorate each side attached to the three-bar shank, which is more comfortable than a wide, solid band.As well designed and executed as the silver work is, it is the splendid stone that is the focal point of this ring. WIth all the marvelous components, you would guess the price to be much higher – we applaud Stan for keeping his excellent pieces so accessible. At last – champagne taste for beer budgets!

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Natural Pilot Mountain Turquoise, Sterling Silver

Ring Size

8 1/2


Face Size: 1 1/8"