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Pig and Corn Friendship Pot


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Friendship bowls commemorate an old Pueblo tradition, according to the artist.

Before running water in homes, people would put out pottery bowls to catch rain water.

Children would gather to see how much water had collected, peering into the bowl.

This charming piece illustrates that tradition in a new, personal way, with creativity and humor.

Instead of children she has created a circle of plump little pigs, gazing into the bowl. At the bottom, a succulent ear of corn!

Made according to tradition, with hand-gathered clay, mixed, coiled, smoothed and painted by hand; fired in the ground.

Engaging and appealing, this is a winsome bit of historical nostalgia, meant to bring a smile.




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Natural Handmade Clay and Clay Slips, Paint


2 5/8" H x 4" diameter