Pietersite and Silver Ring


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Myron Panteah, an award-winning Zuni/Navajo jeweler, kept the perspective of the engineering student he once was.

That interest in exacting detail is reflected in his intricately worked pieces. He especially enjoys designing and using unusual stones. Both are obvious here.

The strong but decorative silver work surrounds a dome of earthy gold pietersite, an uncommon stone.

Discovered about 60 years ago in Namibia, it is named after Sid Pieters, who first found it.

It is considered related to Tigers Eye, a kind of quartz, and has since been found in China, as well.

The smooth round stone has fascinating variations of color, from amber to deep scarlet to espresso brown.

It presents a very rich effect, which the exuberant silver work continues.

The forms are baroque, but the generous thickness of the silver makes the curlicues and fan shapes as strong and gutsy as the stone.

Even the band is solid and “pleated”; it resembles a cliff face, and coordinates beautifully with the earthy stone.

With a combination of meticulous craftsmanship, beautiful design and remarkable stones, Myron’s work was always recognizably extraordinary; an opinion still shared by his legions of collectors.

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